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    About Us

    Coleman Roofing, LLC wants you to know that we are dedicated to our clients and our relationships and affiliations are our first priority. We make sure that our customer service is superior, and our sales staff is trained, certified and professional.


    Coleman Roofing, LLC is excited about the future and we make sure that we keep with new technologies, we are always looking to better our products and services so that our clients know they are getting a quality product.

    Why Choose Us

    Storm Damage Specialists

    What is Covered: You pay your insurance company your hard earned money to protect what is most likely your most expensive asset, your Louisiana home, from major damage like hail and wind storms. If you have your LA home insured don't be afraid to make a claim. The homeowners act of God law protects you from being singled out by your insurance company for a rate increase or cancellation. The one thing you do want to be sure of when you make your insurance claim, be sure to have a professional roofing company represent you with your insurance company.

    Coleman Roofing, LLC insurance process
    • 1
      Call Coleman Roofing, LLC the professional roofing contractor with hail and wind damage expertise.
    • 2
      Have Coleman Roofing, LLC inspect your roof and give you a report on any damage.
    • 3
      If Coleman Roofing, LLC tells you that you have hail and wind damage, file a claim with your insurance agent.
    • 4
      Once your claim has been filed, they will send out an adjuster to inspect your home's roof.
    • 5
      Make sure Coleman Roofing, LLC is present for this meeting or you might get a quick denial on your roof repairs.
    • 6
      Once you have gone through the adjusting process and your roof replacement has been approved, let Coleman Roofing, LLC handle the rest of the insurance claim for you.
    • 7
      To be fair to Coleman Roofing, LLC that goes to all the trouble to meet your adjuster, give them your roofing job or switch roofing contractors before the adjusters meeting.
    • 8
      Enjoy your beautiful new roof.


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