Roofing Insurance Claims

Coleman Roofing is an Insurance Approved Roofer

What is Covered!

You pay your insurance company your hard-earned money to protect what is most likely your most expensive asset, your Louisiana home, from major damage like hail and wind storms. If you have your home insured don’t be afraid to make a claim. The homeowners' act of God law protects you from being singled out by your insurance company for a rate increase or cancellation. The one thing you do want to be sure of when you make your insurance claim is to have a professional roofing company represent you with your insurance company.

We Can Help!

Insurance Claims

One of the first things you should do after a hail or wind storm is to make a note of the date of the storm, then call Coleman Roofing and Construction. We are a professional Louisiana roofing contractor with insurance hail and wind damage experience. We will inspect your roof, take pictures, and consult with you if you do or do not have any roof damage. Not all damage is noticeable from the ground; however, you should never inspect your roof for hail or wind damage alone, most homes are very steep and not safe for anyone inexperienced in roof inspection. Let our experienced roofers handle this for you!

We know insurance companies don’t always have your best interest at heart so let the Claims Managers at Coleman
Roofing helps you. It’s also important to know that most insurance companies will have a short time limit on making an
insurance claim, usually 60 days to 6 months. To avoid getting caught in this time limit and have your claim denied, call
Coleman Roofing as soon as possible after the storm.

Once Coleman Roofing has declared you have hail or wind damage, you can immediately make a claim with your
insurance company and have their adjuster come out to inspect. The best part is, that Coleman Roofing will be a part of the
process every step of the way from inspection to insurance adjustment, to roof replacement!