Your roof provides the first line of defense.

An IBHS FORTIFIED Roof™ provides better protection against severe weather.

A hurricane or tornado isn't the sole catalyst for significant home damage. Surprisingly, even storm winds at 50 mph can create vulnerabilities that lead to water infiltration. FORTIFIED, however, aids in safeguarding your home against such harm by tackling identified shortcomings in prevalent construction methods.

Fortified Logo Roof

Why Fortified?

Stay dry.

A FORTIFIED Home helps protect your home and personal property from high winds and wind-driven rain.

Get back home quicker.

 A FORTIFIED Home may reduce or eliminate time spent out of your home due to water intrusion if the roof is damaged.

Save money.

A FORTIFIED designation may qualify you for annual wind mitigation credit that could lower your insurance premium.  Learn More »

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Coleman Roofing & Construction offers the best IBHS Fortified Roofing in Southern Louisiana including Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Houma and surrounding areas, Call us to learn about your options!