3 Common Problematic Roofing Areas You Should Pay Attention To

Regular inspection, in addition to scheduled maintenance, helps keep your roof in good shape by proactively looking for potential problems before they get bigger. As a matter of fact, conducting a visual inspection twice a year and notifying your trusted local roofing contractor when you find problems can save you from potentially expensive repair costs. Here are some of the areas where roofing problems typically begin.

3 Common Problematic Roofing Areas You Should Pay Attention To

Fascia Board

The fascia board is the vertical piece of the roofing system that is part of the roof’s edge. This is the part where the gutter hangers are nailed, and is typically made of wood. When inspecting your roof, do not forget to check the fascia board, and make sure the paint isn’t flaking or peeling, or there are no bare wood parts. Otherwise, moisture intrusion can lead to deterioration and warping, which can later lead to rainwater entry and wood rot. The nails that are used for gutter hangers can also introduce unsightly rust streaks. You can choose gutters that use hangers instead, if the gutters are starting to come loose.


Flashings are the strips of metal installed in areas where there are breaks in the roofing plane, such as valleys and the parts where the wall or dormer meets the roof. Another kind of flashing called “rubber boots” is installed around the area where chimneys and vents penetrate the roof. These areas are vulnerable to storm damage, and should be addressed by a professional if you find any problems.

Roof Edge

The roof’s edge is vulnerable to wind damage. This is why today’s roofing systems feature reinforced starter strip shingles. Instead of the traditional first row that’s basically the same as the rest of the roof, today’s starter shingles come in a single roll. The roofing nails are bolstered by specially designed adhesives, resulting in a virtually seamless edge that helps minimize wind damage. When you inspect the roof’s edge, make sure the shingles are still in place.

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