3 Different Types of Storm Damage

When choosing a roofing material (or home insurance), thinking about the different ways storms can wreak havoc on your home should be part of the process. This is the only route to go to make an informed decision that prepares you (and your home) for the worst.

3 Different Types of Storm Damage

Coleman Roofing lists the three things you should be wary of, in terms of roof storm damage:


The wind is the most menacing force of nature. Fleeting gusts and sustained gales can loosen properly installed shingles, and eventually blow them off. In most cases, strong winds don’t have to strip your roof naked to spell disaster. Winds can threaten the structural integrity of the underlying wood deck by making the rain seep into the gaps between shingles.

Furthermore, the wind can ravage your roof with flying objects. Imagine the velocity and weight of a huge tree limb breaking a portion of the sheathing. Also, overhanging branches can bruise the surface of your shingles or metal panels, dislodging their protective granules or coating, respectively.

Wind damage doesn’t always mean water damage, but it’s imperative to schedule a professional inspection routinely to monitor the condition of your roof and gutters. We can assess every corner of your roof to identify red flags early, and address minor issues accordingly.


All sizes of hailstones can ding roofing. There’s no escaping the damaging impact of hail, but you can minimize the damage by investing in tougher materials.

Tiles have some of the best hail resistance ratings in the industry. Asphalt shingles that meet the UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance Test, like GAF’s Timberline® ArmorShield™ II, can survive large hailstones without splitting or cracking.


Storms with lightning strikes can cause fires. You can keep your home from being engulfed by flames with a metal roofing system. It’s absolutely non-combustible, refusing to ignite and helping to contain the blaze.

Whatever kind of roof storm damage you might experience, Coleman Roofing provides timely repairs and insurance claim assistance. Call us at (225) 379-7663 now to discuss your needs, and get a free estimate in Lafayette or Gonzales, LA.