3 Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting a Roofing Project

Replacing a roof is typically an expensive endeavor, and a mistake can easily increase the cost of the job. That is why homeowners are recommended to carefully plan and prepare for the project.

3 Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting a Roofing Project

In this article, Coleman Roofing, the area’s trusted expert in roof repair and storm damage, lists three of the biggest mistakes you should avoid before starting a roof replacement project.

Considering Only the Price

While price is an important consideration, it is also crucial for you to ensure that you’ll get quality workmanship. You may encounter unscrupulous roofers who will offer you their services at a cheap rate. But what you don’t know is they would cut corners and deliver shoddy work. You may have saved a few bucks right now, but a subpar roof can cost you more in the long run. You also run the risk of water damage or premature deterioration, which can also compromise the structural integrity of your entire home.

Failing to Get a Written Estimate and Signing a Contract

Never skip asking for a written quote as this can save you from dishonest contractors, who jack up prices at a later stage of the roofing project. Make sure to have a signed written agreement with your roofer too. A contract will ensure the contractor’s legal obligation and commitment to you, and it will help you avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding with regards to the job.

Failing to Get to Know Your Roofer

Know the people you’re dealing with and make sure they’re qualified and trustworthy. Check their qualifications and verify the credentials they show you. You can also do some online research and read reviews about them to find out more about their work ethic.

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