4 Causes of Roof Deterioration

It’s only normal for roofs to age and show signs of deterioration after some years. After all, they are constantly exposed to varying degrees of elements.

4 Causes of Roof Deterioration

Typically, a roof can last for approximately 30 years or less depending on its maintenance. In this article, Coleman Roofing, a top-rated residential and commercial roofing company, lists some of the common causes of roof deterioration.

Damaged Components

Shingles, underlayment, flashing and sealants can get damaged due to various reasons. Asphalt shingles, for instance, may lose their water-resistance, and this means losing a layer of protection for your roof. Sealants and flashing may eventually start failing, exposing your roof to risks of leaks.

Heat and UV

Several years of exposure to the sun’s UV rays will naturally break down your roof’s material. Heat can also accelerate this process, and one of the first things that gets affected is the waterproofing ability of your roof. Over time, the roofing also loses its flexibility and strength.


The condition of your attic has an impact on your roof as well. If your attic is poorly ventilated, it is more likely to be prone to condensation problems. Condensation in the attic can lead to rotting, which usually allows water infiltration. Once water is able to make its way through the roof, its structural integrity could be compromised.


Proper maintenance can go a long way. By simply cleaning your roof and gutters, you can prevent dirt and debris from building up and causing damage. However, leaving your roof unchecked for years can shorten its life span.

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