4 Different Paints and Coatings for Metal Roofs

Finishing a metal roof does more than just make the surface prettier. It serves as a functional role, which is to protect the substrate against the weather, reflect heat and create a water-resistant barrier. The use of paint or coating is a common way to extend the life of a metal roof effectively. Compared to replacement, its application is the cost-effective alternative.

4 Different Paints and Coatings for Metal Roofs

Today, Coleman Roofing talks about the most common paints and coatings used on metal roofing systems:

Polyester-Resin Paints

Considered the most affordable choice among all, they’re usually used on panels with exposed fasteners. They generally come in medium- to high-gloss colors, but they can fade rather quickly. In as fast as five years, they can become much paler than their original appearance due to intense sunlight. While all hues are subject to discoloration, fading is less apparent on lighter ones.

Silicone-Modified Polyester Coatings

These coatings combine the power of polyester resins and silicone additives for better performance. By and large, the greater the silicone content, the tougher the roofing finish. They’re likewise available in medium and high gloss as polyester-resin paints except they resist fading and chalking better.

Fluorocarbon-Based Resin Paints

Coleman Roofing isn’t alone in considering these paints the most expensive on the market. They possess a medium-gloss finish that’s smoother and denser than their counterparts. They have great durability, which is evidenced by their ability not to fade or chalk under harsh sun exposures.

Acrylic Coatings

These advanced coatings cover metal roofs with a seamless layer of defense against the elements. They’re hardwearing, withstanding storm damage and abrasion due to foot traffic. They’re warrantied to endure ponding water too.

More importantly, they have exceptional thermal properties to help keep metal roofs stay cool, and lower energy costs. Thanks to their flexibility to extreme temperatures, they can expand and contract without compromising their structural integrity.

Coleman Roofing carries American Weatherstar’s acrylic coatings, which are backed by 30 years of industry excellence. Call us at (225) 379-7663 now to learn more about them, and get your free estimate in Covington, LA.