4 Problematic Areas of a Roofing System

Roofing maintenance can be a tedious task, especially for homes with large roofs. To make a routine inspection worth the trouble, you have to find a way to make it more effective. One of the best ways to get the most out of regular inspections is by paying more attention to the problematic areas of the roof.

4 Problematic Areas of a Roofing System


The topmost layer of the roof consists of the shingles, which are designed to overlap and form a solid barrier against the elements. Spotting problems in your roof’s shingles necessitate calling a roofing contractor and looking at your downspouts for washed-out asphalt granules.


Certain parts of the roofing system will never be fully protected by a layer of shingles. These areas include valleys, ridges and areas immediately around protrusions like chimneys or vents. These areas are covered by flashings, strips of plastic or metal that form a waterproof barrier. Flashing might warp and bend over time because of constant temperature changes or the old sealant may crack and let water in. Storm damage may bust open a roof’s weakened flashing, leading to leaks.


The fascia serves as the trim of your roof’s edge and it also doubles as the attachment point for your home’s gutter system. Since the shingles of your roof only protect from things coming from above, the fascia bears the brunt of things coming from the side. A wooden fascia is vulnerable to moisture damage brought about by rain and snowmelt, so keep an eye on your fascia for signs of rot or weakening.


Your home’s gutter system is not a part of the roofing system, but it’s so closely related to the roof that a problem with it is bound to become the roof’s as well. Check your gutters for signs of water buildup, which are often caused by debris getting caught along the water trough or ice dams during winter. You can also have gutter protection systems installed over your gutters to minimize debris buildup.

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