7 Design Elements of a Baton Rouge LA Residential Roof

The roof plays a critical function in protecting your home. It protects your home from the elements: snow, rain, heat and wind. Aesthetically, it also serves as your home’s crowning glory. You then need a roof that not only performs well but is also visually pleasing to the eye. To get started, it might help to get some roofing terminologies out of the way. In this blog post, residential and commercial roofing Baton Rouge LA expert, Coleman Roofing, breaks down seven roof design elements.

7 Design Elements of a Baton Rouge LA Residential Roof
  1. Ridge

The ridge is the highest point of the roof where two opposing roof planes intersect. It is the horizontal line at the roof’s top.

  1. Hip

A hip is a high point that is formed when two roofing planes form a vertical ridge.

  1. Valley

The valley is the v-cut angle that is formed when two roof sections come together and slope downwards. This is also where rain water flows.

  1. Pitch

The pitch is the angle that determines the steepness of the roofing. This is measured from the roof’s ridge to the wall plate. It can vary from low slope, normal slope, to a very sharp slope. The pitch is very important in determining the amount of snow and rain water that it can carry; hence there are certain local codes that have pitch requirements.

  1. Eaves

These are the parts of the roof that overhang the exterior walls of a home. Gutters are installed at the edges of eaves.

  1. Gables 

Gables are the triangular portions that are formed from the eaves to the roof’s peak.

  1. Dormers 

Dormers are the additional openings that pop above roof surfaces. They often have windows and bring in light to the topmost room in the house.

Now that you know the design elements of a roof, let Coleman Roofing create a roof perfect for your home. We install and repair all types of roofs such as shingled roofs, tiled roofs and metal roofs. When you entrust the job to us, you are guaranteed of a beautiful roof that will last for years. Call us at (225) 379-7663 to get a free quote. We serve homeowners in Lafayette, LA.