A Closer Look at the Basic Roof Styles

Whether you’re building anew or simply renovating, a new roof is a big commitment. It’s an expensive, yet very essential part of your home. Read on as we explain the features of different styles of roofing to help you choose.

A Closer Look at the Basic Roof Styles


With its striking architectural style, the flat roof offers unique possibilities. If you lack external space, your flat roof can also double as a deck or garden. Though interesting, different and very easy to build, a flat roof requires a lot of upkeep. It doesn’t have much of a pitch, so it tends to gather copious amounts of debris and heavy precipitation, like snow.


The gable is one of the most popular roof styles in the country. It is easily recognizable by its steep pitch and sloping sides. It’s simple to build, will save you money and sheds precipitation quite well. In an area with high winds, though, it may not be the best option as it tends to catch wind due to high sides and overhang. Still, it can be modified to withstand higher winds and storm damage.


This style is ideal for smaller homes and structures and has a sturdy construction. All four sides of the roof come to a point, meaning they all have an equal slant. It’s great for all weather conditions and withstands high wind and precipitation. It tends to be a costly option, though, since it is a bit more difficult to build.


Gambrel is also referred to as a “barn” style roof. This style provides space for an extra floor, an attic, loft, or bedroom. This roof, though, is not good for areas with high wind or heavy amounts of snowfall. It could collapse under constant pressure. Additionally, it needs regular maintenance of roof and gutters and inspection for leaks and cracks.

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