Why Invest in a ‘Cool Roof’

Cool roofs feature many benefits for homeowners and business owners alike. These roofs reflect sunlight, which means they absorb less heat from the sun’s rays than a traditional roof. A cooler roofing material usually includes a reflective quality that any building can benefit from. Cool roofing options can stay more than 50 degrees cooler, allowing you to use less air conditioning and save money on your energy bills.

When you need a new roof, cool roof replacement options are an easy way to lower your cooling bills and even reduce your home’s carbon emissions. Here’s what we offer for your cool roof replacement options at Coleman Roofing.

Cool Roof Replacement Options

You have several choices when it comes to investing in a cool roof. In the past, a cool roof meant choosing a lighter-colored shingle instead of a darker one to absorb less heat. Today, you have more choices, which include:

  • Cool asphalt shingles. These shingles use a specific type of granule with a reflective coating that deflects the sun’s rays.
  • Flat roofs. If you have the option to choose a flat roof, you can choose PVC or TPO, both of which provide a reflective quality that keeps your structure cooler.
  • Metal roofs. A metal roof or a painted metal roof with a reflective coating can help lower your energy bills. Metal roofs are also eco-friendly as they contain recycled material and are completely recyclable when removed.

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