Costly Ways Commercial Roof Leaks Impact Your Business

Roof leakage is one of the worst yet avoidable disasters that can happen to any commercial property. It can hurt your business on many levels, and it’s imperative to stop it before it even begins.

Costly Ways Commercial Roof Leaks Impact Your Business

Read on as Coleman Roofing talks about the different ways leaks are bad news to commercial properties:

They Can Bring Operations to a Halt

Unscheduled downtime is the most undesirable consequence of having a leaky commercial roofing system. The longer it paralyzes your normal operations, the more it affects your profits. Imagine the amount of business you could lose because of a single leak event.

They Can Damage the Interior

Water doesn’t mix well with almost anything. It wreaks havoc on construction components like insulation, causing your building to age much faster. Severe water intrusion can damage your inventory. If your property holds expensive pieces of equipment, Coleman Roofing warns that your leak could cause a bigger financial blow.

They Can Cause Accidents

A leaky roofing system sets the stage for water infiltration, which can leave puddles on the floor. If you don’t secure the affected areas soon enough, someone might get hurt, and take legal action due to the building management’s neglect.

Furthermore, leaks can lead to fires and electrocution. Regardless of the nature of the accident, your business is going to get bad press for the unfortunate incident.

They Can Reduce the Time Before Replacement

Premature roof failure might be the least menacing outcome of leakage, but it’s nevertheless impactful. In addition to material and labor costs, needing to close your property down to give way for replacement would inevitably lighten your coffers.

Avoid the horrors of leakage with Coleman Roofing. Licensed and bonded, our company has a solid reputation for maintaining metal roofs and other popular covering materials, including TPO, EPDM and slate. Call us at (225) 379-7663 now to discuss your commercial roof maintenance needs, and get a free estimate. We serve Lafayette, LA, and other neighboring communities.