Dispelling Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

On paper, metal is perhaps the best roofing material on the market. However, it’s widely misunderstood, which is why it’s only second to asphalt shingle when it comes to residential remodeling projects.

Dispelling Misconceptions About Metal Roofing

To further appreciate metal roofing’s closeness to perfection, Coleman Roofing dispels the most common misconception about it:

  1. It Magnetizes Lightning

Any roofing specialist would tell you that metal doesn’t attract electricity but rather conducts it. But since it’s non-combustible, it’s a safe choice because it won’t catch on fire or let flames spread. Other roofs are no safer than metal under a lightning storm.

  1. It Is Loud

Metal can make a racket when it rains, but it’s no louder than other roofing materials. With proper insulation, the sound of heavy downpours would be barely audible, regardless of what your roof is made of.

  1. It Cracks With Hail Impact

As tough as they can be, metal roofs are not immune to storm damage. However, hailstones can’t puncture them. Large hail can leave some denting and regular-sized hail can make minor scratches, but metal roofs generally remain leak-free after hailstorms.

  1. It Lowers Cooling Costs Single-Handedly

Although metal is considered a cool roofing material, it can’t reduce your energy bills alone. Its exceptional reflective and emissive properties mean nothing without adequate attic ventilation and overall home insulation.

  1. It Is Style-Restrictive

By and large, metal roofing systems mesh with contemporary and eclectic properties. But then again, they also take the form of old-fashioned shingle, slate, and tile roofing materials to blend in with traditional architectural styles.

  1. It Is Not Sustainable

Metal is extracted through mining, but it’s one of the greenest construction materials in existence. The natural supply of metals used in roofing applications is finite, but a metal roof is recyclable multiple times, without losing its physical properties. And since they last for decades with minimal maintenance, using metal roofs helps decongest landfills.

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