Exploring the Challenges of Reroofing High-Rise Buildings

All roofing projects come with their own challenges. However, there’s one particular roofing-related undertaking that presents unique difficulties that may be a bit more demanding to overcome. In this article, commercial roofer and storm damage repair expert Coleman Roofing sheds light on the challenges that roofing contractors face when reroofing high-rise buildings.Building Codes

Exploring the Challenges of Reroofing High-Rise Buildings

Buildings that are 10 stories or higher, like all structures, are subject to local building codes, as well as other applicable regulations for the type of roofing project being done. While pulling permits and complying with provisions are a standard part of any roofing job, high-rise buildings require specialized construction materials, which add to the complexity of the project.

Design and Logistics

When designing a commercial roofing system, especially for tall buildings, roofers have to factor in several aspects. Apart from building codes, other elements such as durability, functionality and appearance should all be taken into consideration. Another thing to keep in mind is how roofs of high-rise buildings are constructed. Commercial roofs typically serve a variety of purposes. They house HVAC equipment, communication equipment, ductwork and signages as in billboards, all of which take up space and can make it difficult for the roofing contractor to perform the necessary work.

Moreover, even if these features are safely circumvented, the process of working around them puts a strain on the timeliness and efficiency of the job at hand. This isn’t to say that you can’t expect quality workmanship from commercial roofers. Rather, this is simply to emphasize the various challenges that contribute to the success or failure of the project.

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