Extend Your Roof’s Life Span With Roof Coatings

The industry has no shortage of products to help shield your gutters from clogging and other common issues, but did you know protective coatings for your roof also exist? These coatings have been known to make your roofing system last longer and are compatible with almost any type of material.

Extend Your Roof’s Life Span With Roof Coatings

Our experts at Coleman Roofing offer coatings for your roof assembly so you can enjoy its many benefits. We discuss a few below.

Sustainable Roofing

Over time, weather and storm damage or regular wear and tear can greatly impact your roof’s performance. Even the hardiest materials will still come to the end of their life span and eventually, you will need to have them replaced. Roof coating provides another layer of protection that can minimize the normal amount of damage your roof is subjected to over the course of its service life. Homeowners can save with fewer roof replacements and landfills receive reduced waste materials.

Heat Reduction

Have you ever noticed that urban areas are often hotter than rural areas? This phenomenon is known as the Urban Heat Island Effect, caused by buildings reflecting heat back to the environment. The temperature difference between urban and rural areas is one of the major causes of low energy efficiency, especially in highly dense cities. Roof coatings reduce the amount of heat retained by buildings, boosting overall efficiency.

Longer Life Span

Perhaps the most common roofing problems are caused by water gathering in small pools, even in slanted roof surfaces. With a properly installed coating system, your roof can withstand the damaging effects of standing water and improve your roof’s weatherproofing capabilities. This translates to bigger savings on your part, as your roof will require fewer repairs and replacement. Additionally, you can also save on your energy bills from its enhanced weatherproofing protection.

When it comes to protecting your roof systems from any type of problem and damage, there’s no better alternative than a properly applied roof coating. Trust our expert roofers at Coleman Roofing and extend the life span of your roof with our coating products. Call today at (225) 379-7663 or visit our contact page to request a free quote. We serve Lafayette and Gonzales, LA.