Factors and Challenges of The Roofing Market Growth

Recent research by Allied Market showed that the North American Roofing Market, which generated $29.86B in 2017, is expected to see a $47.51B growth by 2025. This is due to the various factors that continue to push the growth of the roofing industry. However, despite this beneficial growth, it’s expected that there will be challenges that can potentially affect customers in certain ways.

In this post, storm damage repair experts from Coleman Roofing discusse the factors that push the growth of the roofing market, the challenges that accompany it, and what it means for you as the customer.

Factors and Challenges of The Roofing Market Growth


Currently, there are numerous factors that are continuously aiding the growth of the roofing industry. One of these is the demand for renovations in commercial and residential buildings due to the rise in damaging weather conditions. Younger homeowners are also asking for their family homes to be remodeled and renovated to suit their needs as many of them are beginning to prefer staying in the homes they grew up in. Another factor that contributes to the roofing market growth are demands for new construction due to growing urbanization.


While there are many benefits to the roofing industry’s growth, homeowners must keep in mind that there are also challenges that accompany it. For instance, due to the innovations in the manufacturing and installation processes of newer roofing systems, there might be a shortage of adequate and appropriately-trained manpower. Rise in roofing materials due to burgeoning demand is also a concern that the industry may face.

How It Affects You

Of course, the growth of the roofing market goes hand in hand with the newest technological innovations. Nowadays, homeowners can benefit from these through various ways such as drones for roof inspection, which allows homeowners to get a closer look at the damage and work done on their roofs. Homeowners also benefit from the latest eco-friendly roofing materials and green roofing methods as this can help them keep their utility bills as low as possible every month.

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