Green Roofs Vs. White Roofs

Installing a green or white roof can reduce the heat inside your home without requiring your air conditioner to work overtime. This means you can save on energy costs especially during the warmer months. Before investing in either roof type for your home, make sure you understand how they work. This way, you can better maximize the benefits of these roofs.

Green Roofs Vs. White Roofs

Read on as Coleman Roofing, a trusted roof contractor offering roof and storm damage repair, discusses green roofs and white roofs. We’ll also offer some tips on how to determine the better choice for your home.

What Are Green Roofs and White Roofs?

A green roof is typically built by planting various types of vegetation. The air above this layer of plants is then cooled, which helps in reducing the amount of heat that enters a building or home. This can still vary, though, depending on whether the plants are being watered regularly and sufficiently.

A cool roof, on the other hand, is also called a white roof because it is usually painted white. Lighter surfaces are known to reflect more light than darker ones, so cool roofs are considered to be effective in decreasing the air and surface temperature. This further results in reduced heat inside a building.

Which Is the Better Option?

The efficiency of green and white roofing varies on a number of factors. For instance, white roofs have varying levels of performance in different climates.

In a region that experiences warm summers and cold winters, homeowners can save more on their heating and cooling expenses if they double the insulation instead of planting a green roof. In a region where there are hot summers and warm winters, homeowners can benefit more from a green roof since insulation almost makes no difference for homes in such places.

Additionally, green roofs may be more effective at reducing air temperatures in the evening, while cool roofs are more effective during the day. Other findings also showed that the cooling effect of a green roof tends to last longer, although both types of roof have a cooling effect on the local environment.

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