How Can Metal Roofing Protect You From Storm Damage

Storm damage is one of the worst things that you have to deal with after bad weather hits your area. Every year, homeowners across the country have to spend thousands of dollars repairing parts of their home that suffer from storm damage. If you want to protect your home from it, you might want to consider getting a metal roof.

How Can Metal Roofing Protect You From Storm Damage

Wind Protection

Some people would have second thoughts about getting a metal roof because metal roofing panels are lightweight and they look like they’d be easily get blown away by strong winds. However, when installed by our roofers according to manufacturer’s specifications, a modern metal roof can withstand winds just as well as other, heavier roofing options. Metal roofing also offers a few advantages that makes it the ideal option for storm damage prevention.

Hail Protection

Metal roofing is incredibly tough considering its weight. A 26-gauge metal roofing panel can resist getting dented by a strong hailstorm, with thicker options providing even better protection. Some roofing options are so brittle that getting hit by hailstorm can cause individual tiles to crack due to impact damage.

Water-Repelling Surface

Unlike other roofing options, metal roofs have a completely non-porous surface. This means that water runoff from rain is shed instantly and there’s not enough time for leftover moisture to cause problems such as mold or rot. The non-porous surface also helps prevent snow buildup during winter because the accumulated snow slides easily off the smooth metal surface.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Metal roofing can help even if storm damage still occurs during an exceptionally strong hurricane. Because metal roofing systems require less maintenance and are easier to repair than other roofing options, it’s possible to focus your resources on repairing the damaged areas of the home. Replacing damaged metal roofing panels is also a lot faster than re-tiling an entire section of the roof, which means there is a shorter span of time where your home is vulnerable while the roof is fixed.

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