How to Prevent Metal Roof Condensation Problems

If you plan on installing a metal roof for your home, then it’s best if you work with a metal roof specialist like Coleman Roofing. Metal roofing systems require training and experience to install properly. If a metal roof is incorrectly installed, then problems like condensation can occur. In today’s post, Coleman Roofing, the top roofing expert in our local area, explains how to prevent this condensation problem.

How to Prevent Metal Roof Condensation Problems

How Does Condensation Form?

Condensation forms when warm, moisture-laden air hits a cold surface. In the case of metal roofs, it happens when warm, moist air from inside the house is driven into, and trapped inside of, the cavity beneath the roof. When the metal roof’s temperature drops at night, the air condenses on the underside of the roof. This can be a big problem during the colder seasons, with condensed water eventually saturating the attic.

Solutions to Metal Roof Condensation

As a metal roofing and storm damage expert, we recommend the following methods to prevent this problem. For best results, you’ll need to apply all three solutions.

  • Ventilation – Proper attic ventilation will bring fresh air at the bottom of the attic while simultaneously allowing the warm air to escape out the ride of the roof through the exhaust vent. The continuously flowing air will pick up moisture and carry it out of the attic, eliminating the cause for the condensation.
  • Air Sealing and Insulation – Adding insulation on top of your ceilings and removing any air leaks from your living spaces to your attic can prevent warm air from being trapped underneath the metal roofing system.
  • Vapor Barrier – A vapor barrier stops the transmission of water vapor from your living spaces to your attic. This vapor barrier is best installed directly on top of the ceilings and beneath the insulation.

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