Important Elements of a Roofing Estimate

A roofing estimate becomes the contract once you sign it. Before you put ink on the dotted line, take the time to review it, and make sure all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s crossed. Roofing estimates may be worded differently, but nevertheless the elements are the same. Read on as residential and commercial roofing company Coleman Roofing shares the elements your roofing estimate should have.

Important Elements of a Roofing Estimate

List of Materials

Sometimes referred to as the bill of materials, this is the complete list of the materials that will be used in the roofing project: the underlayment, the outer roofing material, and even accessories such as flashing and ridge caps. The material description should match the product line, as well as the colors and styles that you discussed with the contractor’s representative. Make sure you raise any questions, corrections, or changes before you sign the contract.

Change Procedure

Changes while roofing installation is in progress is not uncommon. Structural issues are sometimes discovered only when the old roof is removed, therefore repairs must be conducted before installation can proceed. Or perhaps the homeowner decided they wanted a different roofing color. Whatever the reason, a procedure needs to be in place to avoid unauthorized changes. In addition to outlining the process itself, the change procedure lists the person/s who are authorized to sign off on such changes.

Scope of Work

Sometimes referred to as simply “scope,” the scope of work describes the extent of roofing work required to accomplish the project, including structural repairs and modifications to the roofing structure. It should also include the number of installers and the required amount of labor. The project schedule, including the start and completion dates, may also be included here. Other details such as the clean-up work after installation, as well as the disposal of discarded roof materials, may also be included here.

Payment Schedule

Keep in mind that a legitimate contractor will never ask for an upfront payment. A typical payment schedule begins with a downpayment of about 30% once you sign the contract. A second payment is usually scheduled once the materials are delivered days before installation begins. Further payments should then be outlined in this section, culminating in the final payment upon satisfactory completion.

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