Our Mission

Reliable Roofing Services

Our Mission at Coleman Roofing

To establish Coleman Roofing as Louisiana’s most reliable and respected roofing company. We continously strive to provide a high level of value and customer service to our clients throughout Baton Rouge, Northshore and surrounding areas.


100% Customer Satisfaction

Our Mission is to provide both existing and prospective clients with the highest level of service they expect. To constantly consider each client’s needs and provide the ideal solution at a fair and accurate price. To explore and institute new products and/or services as they become available in order to provide our clients with the best options. We will sustain the achievement of this mission through complete dedication to the founding principles of our company.

The underlying force that binds the people of Coleman Roofing to our customers and to each other is a relationship based on trust. Integrity demands that this relationship be built on a foundation of high moral and ethical standards and that we fulfill this demand in an honest, forthright manner towards, our customers, each other, and our communities.

A multi-faceted goal that can only be defined, measured and achieved through 100% customer satisfaction. High quality is the end result of totally committed people utilizing superior technical knowledge and expertise, proven products and systems; and indispensable value added services – all combined in a proactive effort to create and maintain. A Totally Satisfied Customer.

A commitment shared by every member of the organization to the continuous improvement of our expertise in creating new products and services that will be valued by our customers. Innovative change must be consistent with our principles of Integrity and Quality and must be beneficial to our customers and Coleman Roofing.

Company Affiliations

Coleman Roofing is a proud member of these respected organizations.


Our Relationships are Important!

Coleman Roofing wants you to know that we are dedicated to our clients and our relationships and affiliations are our first priority. We make sure that our customer service is superior, and our sales staff is trained, certified and professional. Coleman Roofing is excited about the future and we make sure that we keep with new technologies, we are always looking to better our products and services so that our clients know they are getting a quality product.

Angie's List

Angies List
Angie’s List began in 1995 by Angie Hicks from Columbus, Ohio as a way to find the best local contractors and doctors in her area. Angie set out door-to-door recruiting members and collecting consumer reviews from friends and neighbors. Today Angie’s List is an online, paid resource for consumers to find over 500 service and healthcare professionals nationwide. Angie’s List helps over 1 million members find the best service companies and health care in their area with detailed reviews from verified members.


National Roofing Contractors Association
The National Roofing Contractors Association was formed in 1886 to preserve and promote the art of the roofing application. NRCA members recognize that after 100 years of innovation in roofing technology, their original goals are still relevant. NRCA’s purpose is to provide information, take action, educate and conduct programs that will enhance the business interests of their members and allow them to provide consumers with the best available technology and business practices.


Better Business Bureau of Baton Rouge
The Better Business Bureau system was founded in 1912 and is today supported by 250,000 local business members nationwide. It is dedicated to fostering fair and honest relationships between businesses and consumers, instilling consumer confidence and contributing to an ethical business environment.