Signs You Need a New Roof

Is It Really Time for a New Roof? When to Start
Thinking About Replacement

Replacing your roof isn’t a decision to take lightly. A roof replacement is an investment, and one you want to be sure about.

You might need to start thinking about a roof replacement if your roof is showing its age. While the exact lifespan will be different for every roof based on material, location and how well you’ve maintained it, many roofs can last up to two decades and potentially even longer. Replacement may also be imminent if your roof has sustained comprehensive damage that wouldn’t be realistic to fix with repairs alone.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

While a repair may fix roofing issues that are contained to one area, you might need a roof replacement if:

  • Your roof has dark stains or spots. While dark streaks or staining in and of themselves may not constitute a roof replacement, they could indicate moisture or hail damage.
  • Your roofing shingles are cracked or curling. Damage of this nature could mean your shingles have reached the end of their lifespan.
  • Your shingles are missing their granules. If you have an asphalt roof and the shingles are missing much of their protective coating, they’re not protecting your roof as well as they should.
  • You have interior water damage. This could be in the form of an active leak or water stains in your attic or on your ceiling.

Are you experiencing roofing issues but not sure if you need a replacement? The team at Coleman Roofing can come out to assess your roof and give you our professional opinion and a free quote to repair the damage or replace your roof.

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