The Low Life Cycle Cost of Metal Roofing and What it Means to You

Commercial property owners choose metal roofing for many reasons, but mainly because of its long life span and the correspondingly low life cycle cost. If you’re considering a roofing option that is truly a long-term investment, then consider getting a metal roof.

The Low Life Cycle Cost of Metal Roofing and What it Means to You

Low Life Cycle Cost Is a Good Thing

You may already have come across marketing literature about life cycle costs and how they relate to the choice of roofing materials. Basically, the life cycle cost is the total cost of a roof’s upkeep over its expected life span. This includes costs that cover installation, maintenance, restoration and repairs (including those covered by warranty) and, ultimately, roof replacement. Therefore, the ideal roofing system should have a long life span, be low-maintenance, and be made of a material that resists damage and degradation over time.

Performing a roofing life cycle cost analysis is a bit more complicated, but essentially, it will include all four aforementioned costs. The lower the life cycle cost, the less impact the roofing will be on the overall commercial property expenses, which provides more slack on air conditioning, plumbing and other maintenance costs.

Why Choose Metal Roofs

Metal has many qualities that make it a desirable commercial roofing material. It is inherently durable, as a single-layer metal roofing provides resistance against impact from hailstones and airborne debris as well as high winds. It has an exceptionally long life span; a well-maintained metal roof typically lasts about 50 years or more, which means, for most property owners, they will only need to oversee a new metal roof installation just once in their lifetime.

Metal roofs can be coated with just about any finish, making it more flexible for commercial property owners who want a good balance between their color palette of choice and features like cool roofing, which deflects heat from the sun. The latter minimizes the heat absorbed through the roof and reduces air conditioning requirements, which helps decrease monthly energy consumption. Combined with a low life cycle cost, metal roofing is the only roofing option most commercial property owners will ever need.

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