The Problem With Storm Chasers

When a storm passes through the area, your roofing system is in jeopardy during and after the event. Wind and rain can damage your shingles, snow can weigh down your gutters and hail can dent your roof.

The Problem With Storm Chasers

Once a storm passes, you may want to search for a contractor who can fix your roof. However, the period after a storm is when “storm chasers” arrive. Find out who they are and why you should avoid them.

They Offer Unrealistic Deals

After a storm hits your home, you may hear from representatives of companies promising to fix your roof. They usually give out deals that are inexpensive and quick, which sound too good to be true. The problem is that they usually are. Storm chasers know how insurance companies work and will offer the cheapest possible fee needed to fix your roof. That means you get low-quality repairs for storm damage and you’ll end up having to repair it again.

They Follow Storms for a Bargain

Ever wonder why a contractor comes soon after a storm hits? That’s because storm chasers follow them to swoop down and make some deals. They target unsuspecting homeowners who have been recently hit by the storm. They might offer free inspections and even free repairs. This is how they scam their victims.

Their Repairs Aren’t Effective

Say you did accept a deal from a storm chaser and now both the roof and gutters are fixed. Seems like a worthwhile offer, right? Unfortunately, the price reflects on the quality they provide. Inexpensive deals mean low-quality repairs to your home. Worse, once you realize what has happened, they are already headed to the next affected town and you won’t be able to reach them.

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