The Qualities of a Resilient Commercial Roofing System

Minimizing expenses helps a lot when it comes to maximizing your company’s profits. This also includes your company’s property, especially the roof. A resilient commercial roofing system is designed to protect your daily operations from the elements, but how can you tell if you have a good roof over your business?

The Qualities of a Resilient Commercial Roofing System

Impervious to Water

The worst thing that a rain can do to your business is to cause moisture damage. Leaks permeating through a weak roofing system can easily cause damage to your property. Electrical devices can short out, rendering them unusable and hampering your business. Even worse, damaged property can compromise the safety of your personnel. A resilient roofing system is designed to keep the water out and withstand moisture damage itself.


Strong weather brings forth strong winds that can spell trouble for weak commercial roofing. A poorly-built commercial roof will have entire sections get torn away by gusts of wind. However, even lightweight metal roofs will be able to withstand hurricanes if installed properly by our trained specialists.


Apart from resisting damage caused by water and wind, a resilient commercial roof must also be tough enough to resist impact damage caused by debris or hailstorms. Without an impact-resistant roof, large hailstones or falling debris will punch holes through the surface and expose the more vulnerable parts of your roof to moisture damage. It’s very important to check the impact resistance of a roofing material; any option with a class 4 impact rating is the best protection against hail and flying debris.


A resilient roofing system should also contribute to a property’s efficiency. A commercial roof made of energy-efficient materials can help reduce heating costs during cold, rainy weather or effectively block out some of the heat during summer seasons. It must also require minimal maintenance since a high-maintenance roof is an expensive liability.

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