The Various Factors That Create A Resilient Roof

Having a resilient roofing system is every homeowners desire. After all, resilient roofs are said to have a longer lifespan and perform better against extreme weather. However, some homeowners are puzzled as to how they can achieve this. Thankfully, you can learn just what exactly are the qualities that can make a roof resilient today.

The Various Factors That Create A Resilient Roof

Wind Resistance

One of the hallmarks of a resilient roofing system is its ability to withstand high winds in order to provide greater protection against blow offs. To achieve this, roofers tend to enhance the edge metal details of a roof with thicker metals and fasteners with higher density. Additionally, a well-designed parapet can also be installed to further reinforce the roof’s wind resistance.

Insulation and Roof Color

Surprisingly enough, a roof’s insulation and color actually play an important role in making it more resilient. This is because a roof with a higher R-value can reduce the heat transfer into a building, which prevents the heat from affecting your roof too much, especially if you have asphalt shingles installed. Reflective roof surfaces, on the other hand, reduces your home’s solar gain and results in less heat transfer. This is especially effective for metal roofing systems.

Impact Resistance

A roof’s impact resistance is important to a homeowner, especially if you live in an area that frequently sees hail storms. Therefore, homeowners always make it a point to get a roof with a tough membrane and a durable cover board between the insulation layers to provide improved impact resistance. Alternatively, cementitious pavers above the roof membrane may also be added. However, due to their significant weight, it’s always best to check the capacity of the roof’s structure before adding them to your roof.

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