What Makes Metal Roofing Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly?

As the globe keeps warming and the costs of electricity bills keep rising, the demand for more efficient products is increasing. This is especially true when it comes to the home construction industry where homeowners are now looking for efficient and more nature-friendly options.

What Makes Metal Roofing Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly?

One of these options includes metal roofing.

Meet the Metal Roof

As its name implies, a metal roofing system uses tin, aluminum, steel or copper to keep the home safe. Metal roofing may feature large metal panels or a series of smaller, uniformly sized tiles. Although metal roofing is available in pre-colored variants, it can be painted over to change its appearance. Some metal roofs are also designed to imitate other roofing materials.

Excellent Efficiency

Metal roofing is considered one of the most energy-efficient options available today. A metal roof with a shiny surface can deflect a lot of the heat energy coming from the sun which means a home’s HVAC won’t have to consume too much energy to counteract the heat that would’ve just gone through the roof. A metal roof also sheds heat faster than any other material, making it one of the coolest roofing options that we provide.

Low Maintenance

Older metal roofing options were considered “high maintenance” because rust can easily weaken the metal panels. Today’s metal roofs are made with production techniques that render them more resistant to moisture-related damage, reducing the need to spend too much on maintenance.


Metal roofing is one of the most nature-friendly roofing options available. A metal roof that has received extensive storm damage can be torn off and recycled into new metal products. In fact, almost all metal roofing panels are partially made of recycled metal. Add that fact to metal roofing’s energy efficiency and you have the ideal roof for people looking to minimize their carbon footprint.

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