What’s Normal and What Isn’t in Roofing?

To keep a sturdy and longer-lasting roofing system, you need to know how to “read” it. This means learning the difference between ordinary wear and tear, and a more serious problem that may require a swift solution. Let Coleman Roofing, your dependable roofing contractor, help you read your roof’s existing condition.

What’s Normal and What Isn’t in Roofing?

What’s Normal Wear and Tear?

Your roof’s aging process begins as soon as it is exposed to the elements. Get a pair of binoculars and find a high but safe spot where you can view your roof’s surface. Do you notice some slight curling in your asphalt shingles? No worries–this is not a defect. Shingles tend to shrink and age over time, which leads to a curl in their edges. 

Given how Louisiana has a humid and moist climate, it’s also normal to see dark brown or black streaks down the roof because of algae. Asphalt shingles may also form small cracks, another normal characteristic. Just as long as these cracks aren’t the direct result of storm damage, and don’t penetrate through the shingle–resulting in leaks–then your roof is all good. 

What’s More Serious?

You’ll know your roof will need immediate attention if you see blisters and small, circular raised areas on its surface. These are often the case for roofs with inadequate attic ventilation. If these blisters are open, they’ll leave your home more vulnerable to water damage. Deep cracks that penetrate the shingles’ fiberglass mat will also require a thorough inspection from your roofer. When left unattended, these large cracks can compromise the way your roof sheds water, allowing for serious leaks. In addition, make sure to check your shingles for excessive granule loss, which is a sign that the roofing material is already past its prime.

When your asphalt or even metal roofing is already showing extensive signs of damage, turn only to Coleman Roofing, your number one choice for exceptional roof replacement services. With our high-quality roofing materials and our experienced and highly skilled crew, we’ll help pave the way for a dry and damage-free home. We proudly serve homeowners in Covington, LA, and the nearby cities. Call us today at (225) 379-7663 or fill out this contact form to get a free quote.