What’s the Purpose of a Soffit?

Aesthetically, soffits are used to cover up the eaves so that the rafter beams are not fully exposed. Many homeowners are quite particular with the style and color of their soffits because these can easily add character to their homes, despite seeming like a minor detail in terms of design.

What’s the Purpose of a Soffit?

Furthermore, apart from boosting the appearance of your exterior, soffits also perform an important function for your roofing system. They protect the rafters from various elements and help prevent circumstances that could lead to mold growth and rotting beams.

Two of the most popular types of soffit are vinyl and aluminum. Learn about the pros and cons of each type of soffit below.

Types of Soffits

  1. Aluminum Soffits – Aluminum is a malleable material, so it can easily fit various spaces. It’s also quite durable and low-maintenance. It doesn’t chip, crack, rot, or attract too much dirt. Aluminum soffit, however, can be more expensive than vinyl soffit.
  2. Vinyl Soffits – Vinyl soffits generally cost less than aluminum soffits. They’re sturdy, and they also require minimal upkeep. They come in a wide range of styles, textures, and grains for a more customized look. Their main disadvantage is that they are more easily affected by heat. They can become brittle after regular exposure to sunlight and discolor over time.

Soffit Maintenance

To keep your soffits in great shape for years to come, make sure to clean your gutters regularly. They should be free of debris, and they should be of the right size. Gutter size usually depends on the size of your roof, so you might want to consult with a professional regarding this.

Furthermore, ensure that your soffits are sealed and caulked properly. Get rid of mildew on your soffits. You can use a soft brush together with a solution of bleach and water. Also, check your attic fan and make sure it’s clean and working.

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