Why It Pays to Have Your Roof Replaced

Many homeowners balk at the mere thought of a roof replacement, as they know that installing a new roof won’t come cheap. But don’t put off your new roofing plans just yet. According to the 2019 annual Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of REALTORS®, homeowners can get a 107% return on investment when they have a new roof installed.

Why It Pays to Have Your Roof Replaced

In this article, metal roofing contractor Coleman Roofing explores the benefits of a new roof and why it pays to get this particular home renovation project done.

The Benefits in Numbers

There’s no shortage of home remodeling projects that promise to pay for themselves over time, but only a few will actually make good on their claims. On average, replacing your roof will cost you $7,500. But if you choose to sell your property after the roof replacement project, you stand to recover $8,000. That’s the initial cost of your new roof, and then some. 33% of the realtors who participated in the study said that new roof projects are a great help in closing a sale.

The figures are indeed impressive, but what if you’re not looking to sell your property? Would a new roofing system still be worth your hard-earned money?

Is a New Roof Worth It?

So, is a new roof worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. A new roof will increase your home’s curb appeal, especially if your current roof has seen better days. The benefits of a new roof go beyond aesthetics and savings. Replacing your old, possibly leaky roof is a step toward a safer, more comfortable home. A properly installed roof reduces health risks and hazards associated with a deteriorating roofing system.

You don’t have to replace your roof to save money. Regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent major roofing issues. This is why you need a reliable roofer like Coleman Roofing to address all your most pressing roofing concerns.

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