Why Pick PVC or TPO for Your Commercial Roof

Commercial properties must be built with cost-efficiency and durability in mind. This is why commercial roofing experts recommend PVC or TPO roofing, collectively known as single-ply membrane roofing. What makes these two so popular among commercial property owners?

Why Pick PVC or TPO for Your Commercial Roof

Our experts shed light on the advantages provided by these two roofing options.


PVC and TPO roofing are examples of flat roofing, but don’t let the lack of profile fool you. There are plenty of ways to customize either. A property owner can choose a different type of insulation according to their budget and insulation needs. While flat roofs are barely visible from street level (if at all), they are still available in a wide variety of colors (especially PVC roofing) to enhance the overall look of the property.

Ease of Installation

Everybody knows that complex building components take time and resources, something a business owner would rather spend on business operations to turn out a profit. Compared to shingle or metal roofs (which are already known for their ease of installation), PVC and TPO roofing installation is a lot easier. PVC roofing can be sealed with seam tape while TPO can be sealed with a heat gun at the seams.


PVC and TPO roofing are no slouches when it comes to energy efficiency. Although TPO has a slight edge over PVC roofing, both are still considered fairly low-maintenance. PVC retains its strength even after being exposed to oils and grease, making them the perfect choice for restaurant properties where grease traps on roofs are almost always present.


You can get a lot of value out of PVC and TPO roofing, but that doesn’t mean they’re expensive. This can all be traced back to the ease of installation and simple roof design that minimizes labor. Even homeowners see the value of getting PVC or TPO roofing that it’s also becoming a popular residential roofing option.

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