Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Important

Many homes utilize a wood-framed design with asphalt and cedar shake roofing systems enclosed by the attic and the rafters. While wood is a natural insulator, it requires ample ventilation to stay in good condition.

Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Important

Unvented attics are rising in popularity as a house trend, but they’re actually an impractical design. In this post, Coleman Roofing explains the importance of proper attic ventilation to the health and structural integrity of the roof.

Attic Ventilation

Ventilation is how your roof breathes, with the attic or rafter space serving as both the exhaust and air intake. Proper ventilation is what allows the roof to shed heat and moisture build-up during the warmer summer months. On the flip side, it’s also responsible for preventing the roof from drying out and cracking during the colder seasons.

Structural Damage

Proper ventilation also prevents structural damage to the roof. Hot air can get trapped easily within the attic, and when the colder months come, the fluctuating temperatures create humid pockets in the attic where mold and toxic fungi grow and proliferate.

These can end up damaging the wooden part of the roof – from the rafters all the way to the edge of the roof where your gutters are installed. What’s worse, the fungi may end up traveling through the rest of your home through air conditioning and heating vents and will have a negative impact on the air quality.

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced ventilation refers to the intake of fresh air through eaves, soffits and fascias proportionate to the exhaust of the roof. Apart from regulating the temperatures in the attic and the rest of your home, balanced ventilation will also have a positive impact on the quality of the air you breathe.

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