3 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

When the time comes for a roofing project, it’s important to find the right contractor. You might have seen tips on how to DIY or had a consultation with those who just wandered by your home (called storm chasers). However, these two methods can lead to future damage and more expenses.

3 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

To find the right roofer for the job, you should look for reliable contractors and ask them these three questions.

Do You Have an Insurance, License and Warranty?

Keeping your entire project safe from damage, from the immediate to the long-term, is what a contractor should do. That’s why it is important to hire one that possess the three documents mentioned.

Insurance can protect you from liability charges, while a license shows that your contractor knows how to handle the job quickly and effectively. Finally, a warranty means you can get the best quality roof care in case of disasters and material defects.

Will You Remove the Original Layer?

If you consider placing shingles over the original layer, you might be doing more damage than you think. While it adds protective materials, the original layer cannot be inspected properly. Placing another layer over means you neglect any damage left behind. It also means the damage in the original layer will shorten the life span of the new roofing layer.

What Are You Going to Do After Installation?

This is a subtle way to find out how your contractor will deal with the mess afterward. You should look for those who offer to clean up after, because this shows they are professionals who want to provide their service with the least amount of trouble.

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