4 Essential Tips to Make Your Roof Last

Because the roofing system is one of the most expensive components of the home, it’s only natural for you to want it to last as long as possible. The constant wear and tear brought about by the weather means the roof is bound to deteriorate until you have to replace it.

4 Essential Tips to Make Your Roof Last

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to delay the inevitable.

The Power of Preventive Maintenance

The main reason roofs tend to break down is because they get damaged to the point that their performance and durability take a hit. While it’s impossible to have a roof that lasts forever, you can prevent problems from speeding up the rate of deterioration. Almost everything that adds years to your roof’s life span revolves around minimizing the effect of leaks, rot and other factors.

A Constant Eye

You can’t prevent problems from happening if you don’t take a look at your roof often enough. While roof maintenance requirements vary from one roof to another, it’s still safe to have a roof checked for any signs of problems on a regular basis. At least once a year is good, but you may want to have emergency checks performed by a licensed roofer like us after inclement weather just to be safe.

A Right Start

Material is also a major factor that determines a roof’s longevity. Shingles can last about 20-30 years while tile can last up to 80 years with vigilant maintenance. Normally, you’d want to go for the most durable option available, but even going for more affordable alternatives is viable as long as you’re choosing appropriately given your area’s weather conditions.

Focusing on Problem Spots

Some parts of the roof are more vulnerable to problems. For example, valleys tend to have more water runoff flowing over them, while flashing can get warped and create openings where leaks tend to show up. You should also pay attention to areas such as awnings and gutter systems that might be experiencing problems that can affect the roofing system later on.

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