4 Roofing Practices You Should See Your Roofer Doing

Every homeowner should keep an eye on how their roof is installed. It’s not because you don’t trust your roofers but because you simply should observe how they handle your new roof. It’s also a good way to see if if they adhere to proper roofing practices, especially when it comes to asphalt roofs.

4 Roofing Practices You Should See Your Roofer Doing

Coleman Roofing, your reliable roofing company, discusses the best roofing practices for asphalt shingle roofs.

Determining the Best Shingles 

Not all shingles have the same duration owing mostly to the differences in climate. Your roofer should know, however, the type of shingles that can safeguard your house better. They should perform an inspection meant to test your chosen asphalt shingles, whether they are heavy organic felt mat shingles,  fiberglass shingles, common three-tab shingles, or laminated shingles.

Proper Flashing Installation

The roof flashing is one of the weakest points of a roofing system. They are installed along the seams of your chimneys, skylights, and other protruding roof parts. The flashing serves as an extra layer of protection for these seams against possible leak formation but they usually fail due to poor installation. That is why homeowners must be aware of how their flashing is installed. Ask your roofer for regular flashing inspection, although this is typically part of the procedure.

Roof Underlayment Requirements

The roofing underlayment is the layer that everything is laid on top of. It serves as the last line of defense against leak and other weather damage. That is why you should make sure your trusted roofing partner follows through with roof underlayment requirements for your roof structure since different roofs have also varying underlayment requirements.

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