Are You Thinking About Getting a Skylight?

Skylights are a great addition to any roofing system. Like with many installations, they do have their own list of pros and cons. The biggest drawback most homeowners report is energy efficiency. While skylights can give your home a natural source for light as well as improve a room’s ventilation, they are susceptible to solar heat gain and winter heat loss.

Are You Thinking About Getting a Skylight?

The good news is, many of these problems are actually things of the past. Today, many manufacturers have found brilliant solutions to counter common skylight problems, and our professionals at Coleman Roofing have listed a few of them below.

Higher Energy Efficiency

During the summer, skylights can increase the amount of heat getting into your home, making any cooling efforts far less efficient. To address this, skylights now come with heat-absorbent tinting as well as an advanced insulated glaze to greatly reduce the heat from the sun without sacrificing too much of the light it provides.

Choosing a Skylight

The first thing you want to check when looking for a skylight is an ENERGY STAR® certification. This ensures that your product will always follow all energy-efficient standards. You also want to look for an NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) label to guarantee quality. If the product does not have these two labels at least, you should think twice about getting them.


When installed improperly by a non-certified roofer, skylights can cause leakage problems and roof damage. Always do your due diligence before signing off on a contractor’s services. Check if they have all relevant certifications, licenses and permits to handle the project as well as references for their previous work.

You can avoid leaks and moisture problems by discussing with your contractor a few points about the installation. These include mounting height (how high the skylight will sit above the roof surface), curbs and flashing, joint seals and manufacturer guidelines as well as warranty coverage.

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