Components of a Professional Roof Inspection

You’ll probably hear every roofer emphasize the importance of roof inspections. From detecting problems early to extending the service life of your roof system, these inspections can offer several benefits for homeowners like you.

Components of a Professional Roof Inspection

In this post, Coleman Roofing discusses the various components of a roof inspection. Typically, roof inspections are broken down into four areas to ensure that every part of your roof is in good condition.

Workmanship Inspection

This part pays close attention to the quality of workmanship evident on your roof. Poor installation or repair quality could lead to certain problems like leaks or roof damage. One indication of poor workmanship is incorrect flashing around the roof penetrations.

Material Inspection

During material inspection, roofers typically look for missing, loose or curling shingles; missing flashing or fasteners; and rust among others. They also check the rubber boots and seals around the vent pipes and make sure there are no gaps or deterioration. If shingle aggregate has settled in the roof valleys or the ground near gutter downspouts, this could indicate that your roofing is near the end of its service life.

Structural Inspection

In structural inspection, the inspector specifically takes note of uneven roof planes and sagging. They also examine the soffit, fascia and gutter system. If you have a chimney, they would also check this for cracks, chimney cap damage and crumbling grout. They may also take a look at your attic ventilation. Improper ventilation is a common cause of heat and moisture buildup, which can increase the risk of ice dams and ultimately affect the longevity of your roof.

Interior Inspection

This typically covers the attic, interior ceilings and interior walls. The inspector particularly looks for water stains, rot, mold and other signs of water infiltration.

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