Do’s and Don’ts in a Roof Replacement

Nobody likes to replace their roof, but there will come a time when the system will succumb to the elements. This means you need to be prepared for it. Coleman Roofing, the leading roofer in the area, shares some tips on handling a roof replacement.

Do’s and Don’ts in a Roof Replacement

Do Not Work With Amateur Roofers

Instead of working with an amateur, why not entrust the job to a licensed roofing contractor? Hiring professionals to handle this important project can help eliminate the risks of a flawed installation. Plus, they are familiar with the requirements needed to finish the job, including the tools, equipment, skills and paperwork.

Pick the Right Roofing Materials

Prioritize quality over any price tag. Always choose a roofing product that can safeguard your home from whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Scrutinize the specifications and consider how the material can enhance your home’s look and energy efficiency. In addition, check if the roofing system comes with a warranty, and, if it does, familiarize yourself with the terms of its coverage.

Remove the Old Roof

Your roofer might suggest leaving the old roofing material, but it’s best to remove it before installing the new one. This way, your roofer can inspect the decking and flashing underneath. Stripping away the current material also protects your home’s foundation from sudden collapse due to overloading.

Create a Realistic Plan and Budget

How much money are you willing to spend for a roof replacement? Note that a delay or change in order can affect the overall cost. Sticking to your plan can help keep the project on budget and on track. That said, anticipating and allotting extra dollars for some alterations or unforeseen circumstances can help you manage your budget for the project.

Replacing your current roofing system with a newer one can help boost your home’s curb appeal, aesthetics and functionality. Count on Coleman Roofing to provide high-quality roofing and awnings for your upcoming project. Call us today at (225) 379-7663. We serve residents of Baton Rouge and other nearby areas in LA.