Roofing Materials Ideal for Warm Climates

Choosing a roofing material for your roof replacement project is not just about finding the style that matches your home’s architectural style. It is also about considering other factors, including your geographical location and climate. Just as steep-pitched roofs are considered in areas that get a lot of snowfall, homes situated in warm climates benefit from using certain materials.

Roofing Materials Ideal for Warm Climates

Coleman Roofing, your local roofing pros, discusses the various roofing types ideal for warm climates.

Asphalt Roofing

It is considered the most popular and most cost-effective roofing system available. However, this doesn’t mean it lags behind other roofing materials in terms of heat resistance. Asphalt shingles can hold heat in place, preventing it from seeping inside the home through the attic or ceiling. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, this particular material can withstand extreme heat and even sudden temperature changes.

Metal Roofing

Thanks to their durability and stylishness, metal roofs have become the go-to alternative to asphalt shingle roofing. In areas with warm climates, this material creates the necessary airspace between the roof and the decking. This thermal barrier helps keep the interior of the home comfortable without relying too much on air conditioning. Also, metal is a sustainable roofing material—metal panels are usually produced using recycled metal.

Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tile roofs are popular in areas with warm climates for many reasons. The shape of each tile provides for sufficient airflow underneath, which helps in keeping the home’s interior cool during hot weather. Clay tiles also display exceptional durability even when exposed to the sun’s heat. After all, these materials have been clay baked at a very high temperature.

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