The Importance of Choosing Quality Metal Roof Fasteners

A properly installed metal roof can last for decades and improve a building’s energy efficiency. The key words though are: “properly installed.” During a metal roof installation, a roofer must use the right kind of fasteners in order to make sure the roof lasts as long as possible. In today’s post, Coleman Roofing, the top roofer in the area, explains the importance of fasteners in a metal roofing system.

The Importance of Choosing Quality Metal Roof Fasteners

Why Are Metal Roof Fasteners Important?

Metal roof fasteners may look small, but they hold the roof together. They are a significant part of the metal roofing system. If the fasteners fail, then the metal roof becomes more vulnerable to leaks and damage. Your roofer must be well versed in selecting the right fastener for your metal roofing system. The fasteners they choose should match or exceed the life expectancy of the panels that they will be used on.

For example, a properly installed metal roof can be expected to last for over 50 years. The fasteners need to be long-life because through-fastened roofs have exposed fasteners. Non-long-life fasteners will eventually rust, even if they are painted. Given time, this rust will transfer down into the roof panel and create a hole. As an expert roofing contractor, we recommend specifying that long-life fasteners be used in all exposed fastener locations. 

Things Roofing Contractors Should Consider When Choosing Fasteners

There are several factors a roofing contractor must consider when choosing their metal roof fasteners. First, is the material. The type of metal and coating of the fastener must be chosen based on the materials the fastener is bringing together. Galvanic action between different metals can cause early fastener failure and leaks. Next, is the length. The metal roof fastener has to be long enough to fully engage all plies of material. The threads of the fastener are also important, particularly for metal-to-wood applications.

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