The Risks of DIY Roof Installation

For many homeowners, taking the DIY route for home improvements is one way to save on cost, and for certain projects, it does result in some savings. However, roof installation – and any kind of roofing work, for that matter – is better left to professionals. Read on as Coleman Roofing gives you a closer look into why DIY roofing projects are a bad idea.

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Unprofessional Results

Perhaps the most obvious benefits of leaving roofing installation to professionals are the professional results. This is especially true with modern roofing systems, as each part is designed to work as part of a whole. Having the skills and the know-how is not enough to finish a professional quality roof. One should have the machinery for cutting and transportation, the right tools to ensure precise installation and enough material to cover the entire area. By leaving it to professionals like us, you don’t have to worry about any of these. Plus, we have the resources to ensure that your new roof will be finished on time.

Injury or Property Damage

Climbing roofs require the proper safety equipment and training. Without these, you’ll be risking a fall-related injury and damaging your own property. A professional roofer like Coleman Roofing has the proper equipment and the expert training to ensure a risk-free installation. More importantly, professionals have the workers’ compensation and general liability insurance to ensure proper compensation in the event of a mishap.

No Workmanship Warranty

A DIY roof installation affords some sort of material warranty to some extent, but most roofing problems are rooted in installation errors. If your roof fails, you’ll either need to correct such mistakes yourself, or hire a professional to correct your errors.

Professionally installed roofs, on the other hand, are protected by limited warranties that cover both material and workmanship. If the roof develops problems due to installation errors, you will have the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to spend money and effort fixing the problem. If anything, the warranties alone should be enough reason for leaving roof installation to the pros.

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