Weathering: When Asphalt Shingles Age

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material available. Widely considered the direct upgrade to wood, asphalt boasts excellent weather and physical defense and generally lasts longer than its predecessor. While it can last as long as 30 years or more, this roofing material is very notable for how it ages.

Weathering: When Asphalt Shingles Age

In this post, Coleman Roofing shares what happens when your asphalt shingles start to weather and age.

Loss of Granules

The surface of an asphalt shingle is covered with fine granules. These serve as the waterproofing and reflective layer of the entire roofing system. As it ages, the roof will shed these granules, which will often end up in the gutters. You can tell if the shingle has lost its granules if it’s smooth to the touch and doesn’t have that tell-tale grainy texture anymore.


The loss of roofing granules is just a prelude to more concerning signs of shingle age. Due to either extreme heat or moisture, the asphalt shingle will start to crack and buckle as it ages. These range from small, hairline cracks to more noticeable aberrations.

Keep in mind that the presence of cracks doesn’t mean that you should replace the shingles immediately. That said, we recommend getting in touch with an experienced roofer like us so that we can perform an in-depth inspection. That way, you know what exactly is going on in the roof and you can do something about it before the condition gets worse.

Missing Shingles

As the asphalt roof starts to age, it starts getting flimsy and is more likely to get blown away or nudged out of its place. Small portions of missing shingles aren’t exactly immediate concerns; what you should watch out for is if there’s a large patch in the roof that has lost the shingles. This is a clear sign that the roof is about to reach the end of its service life.

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