What’s in the Truck of a Veteran Roof Repair Professional?

In roofing projects, bringing the right tools is just as important as having the technical skills. Here’s what you would find in every experienced roofer’s truck:

What’s in the Truck of a Veteran Roof Repair Professional?

Ladder Lift

The difference between a do-it-yourselfer and a seasoned roofer like Coleman Roofing, is that the latter uses ladders equipped with hoists to lift heavy objects. Accidents usually occur when one climbs the ladder while trying to balance bulky supplies, and making repeated runs. In addition to avoiding injury, pro roofing specialists use shingle lifts to prevent damaging awnings and other outdoor structures.

Fall Protection System

Sometimes, a mishap may still happen even when a veteran professional takes every precaution. To avoid mistakes or freak accidents that may hurt a roofer, a resident or a pet, professionals use fall-protection equipment. This system consists of a roof anchor, a rope lifeline, a safety harness and a shock-absorbing lanyard.

Flat-Head Shovel

When applying new shingles, a clean surface is necessary. The flat-head shovel is the tool of choice for savvy roofing installers to strip the old materials away more quickly. Licensed roofers know how to use this tool to remove old shingles without damaging any other part underneath.


When dislodging nails, nothing gets the job done faster than a crowbar. It’s crude yet effective, and it nonetheless requires expert skills for safety and efficiency.


As it’s unwise to install shingles when there’s the threat of bad weather, pro roofers use tarps to protect the affected areas. Covering them tightly matters in keeping the sheathing from getting soaked.

Utility Knife

Any experienced roofer would tell you that utility knives are the best at quickly cutting or trimming shingles to desired shapes and sizes.

Power Nailer

When replacing just a few shingles, swinging the good ol’ old hammer would suffice. But when speedy installation is the goal, power nailers work more efficiently. Note, however, that using a power nailer requires just the right amount of pressure and timing to avoid tearing nails through the shingles.

Even if you have the complete toolkit to repair your roof yourself, it’s a lot wiser to leave the job to Coleman Roofing. Licensed, insured and bonded, we have the credentials that ensure you of our proficiency, integrity and safety in every project we handle. Call us at (225) 379-7663 to schedule a thorough inspection and get a free estimate in Baton Rouge, LA, or any nearby communities.