Why Do Asphalt Shingle Roofs Fail?

Your asphalt shingle roof exists to not only resist the weather but also beautify your home. When it doesn’t do at least one of its chief purposes properly, it’s considered a failure.

Why Do Asphalt Shingle Roofs Fail?

Today, Coleman Roofing talks the different types of asphalt roof failures, and what you need to do if you encounter a cosmetic or functional defect:

What Constitutes Cosmetic Defects?

Any experienced roofer would categorize cosmetic issues under those that only occur superficially. They include blistering, moss or blue-green algae growth, and shingle discoloration. These problems are generally due to poor manufacturing and storage practices and conditions like high levels of moisture due to lack of sun exposure.

They may be an aesthetic concern, but they could escalate into a functional one. For instance, Coleman Roofing admits that moss proliferation can trap water, which is bad news for any roof.

What Constitutes Functional Defects?

These problems result in active leakage, which shortens the overall service life of the roof. They usually start with random surface cracking and granule loss before turning into actual breaks in the roofing system.

The sun is the leading agent of roof deterioration. Its infrared and ultraviolet radiation wreaks havoc on asphalt shingles from day one. Although they damage those at higher elevations more quickly, they instigate chemical changes in other asphalt shingles just the same. The climate (moisture, wind and thermal cycling) is the other arch-nemesis of your roof.

Are They Covered by Your Product Warranty?

As with those protective awnings, roof warranties are not created equal. Two different manufacturers might not agree on what should be considered cosmetic or functional failure. It’s imperative to read your warranty thoroughly to refresh your memory about its coverage, conditions and limitations.

Consult Coleman Roofing to find out the cause behind your asphalt shingle roof failure and determine the best course of action to take. Whether your roof has reached its retirement age or been ravaged by a storm, we’re the company you can trust. Call us at (225) 379-7663 now to discuss your roofing needs, and receive a free estimate. We serve clients in Baton Rouge, LA.