Why Is a Post-Storm Roof Inspection Important?

After a storm has passed, you may assume your roof has no damage at all, especially if no leaks are apparent right away. However, you must know that roof-related issues may take a long time to show up after a strong wind event or a hailstorm. Whether or not there are leaks, a post-storm roof inspection is still important. Here are the reasons why you should still pursue this with your local roofer:

Why Is a Post-Storm Roof Inspection Important?

Identifying Areas of Damage

The purpose of a post-storm roof inspection is to identify any failures before they become worse. You may not see leaks or take note of anything different on the roof surfaces from the ground, but there could be hidden damage that can lead to time-consuming and expensive repairs if not addressed right away. Having your local roofer assess the whole structure can go a long way in saving you money and preventing headaches in the future.

Collecting Evidence for a Claim

A roof inspection is also necessary if you want to file for a storm damage claim. You must do so right away, however—the majority of insurance companies are going to limit the amount of time you have to start a claim. The sooner the roofing system is checked, the easier it will be for you to obtain evidence necessary to submit a claim to your insurance company.

Taking Advantage of Free Estimates

Many roofing contractors provide customers free inspections and repair estimates. With you working with the pros, you can be sure their knowledge, tools and expertise can help find and repair issues that may be invisible to you.

Our area is no stranger to storms. As such, you need to be prepared and call a reputable contractor like Coleman Roofing if storm damage occurs. You can rely on us in identifying storm-related damage and assisting you with your insurance claim.

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