Why You Should Consider Flat or Low-Slope Roofing

Flat or low-slope roofing is a roof with an angle less than 18 degrees. It is a popular choice for many property owners due to its numerous advantages. Read on as Coleman Roofing discusses their advantages in this post.

Why You Should Consider Flat or Low-Slope Roofing

It Is Budget-Friendly

A flat or low-slope roof is more affordable than its pitched roof counterpart since it uses less material. The ease of installation also lends to a lower labor cost. A roofer no longer has to carry large trusses since the supports are installed from the sides of the house.

It Is More Accessible

Cleaning out the gutters, installing satellite dishes or doing roof repairs is much easier on a flat or low-slope roof since walking around the roof is easier and safer. There is less risk of slipping and falling off the roof. Given its accessibility, roof jobs are done faster, reducing labor costs.

More Energy-Efficient

Since flat roofs translate to lower ceilings, air conditioners can work less to cool the room as opposed to rooms with higher ceilings.

Provides Additional Space

A flat or low-slope roof provides an opportunity for more living spaces. Instead of eating up room space, those with split-type air conditioning may choose to place the compressor on the roof like in commercial buildings.

Through a professional roofer, owners may also choose to create a rooftop garden that can serve as an oasis in the city. The options are limitless with this extra space.

Less Wind Damage

Since this type of roof is built closer to the grain, it is inherently wind-resistant. There are then fewer chances for shingles to fly off.

Better for Solar Panels 

A flatter surface enables each solar panel to absorb more sunlight than on a higher slope. Not only that, for homeowners can discreetly install these solar panels on the roof without the danger of looking like eyesores.

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