What Affects Your Roof’s Service Life

The amount of time your roof will last depends on several factors. Some of them are under your control, while others may depend entirely on luck. Here, we’ll discuss some contributing factors to your roof’s life span. Let us guide you on how to treat and maintain your own roof.

What Affects Your Roof’s Service Life


Sturdy materials will make your roofing system last throughout the changing seasons. Some of the most common roofing types, as well as their average life expectancy, are wood shingles (30-40 years), galvalume or metal (30-45 years) laminate, (24-30 years) and asphalt (15-18 years).

Climate and Precipitation

Is your area prone to extreme weather conditions? Whether you live in an inherently cold or extremely hot environment makes a difference. The above life spans are average life expectancies. Abnormal climates can lower or lengthen them. A humid and precipitation-heavy climate, for example, can significantly shorten roofing life span.


Controlling moisture isn’t the only purpose of roof ventilation. Unvented roofs are vulnerable to all types of weather conditions and deteriorate faster. Consult your roof and awnings contractor for the best ventilation for your roof. Proper roof ventilation will help your roof withstand any weather conditions.

Sun Exposure

Constant exposure to the elements does your roofing system no good. With the sun baking it for most of the day, it comes as no surprise that it is a leading cause of roof degradation. Heat wears down any substance in time. Hot, sunny climates and higher altitudes are subject to heat-shortened roof life spans.

Roof Pitch

The slope or angle of the roof refers to the steepness of its incline. A steep pitch is favorable for precipitation runoff. In general, higher pitched roofs last longer. They prevent damming, seepage and other problems much better. Roof ventilation does a lot to protect against moisture, but pitch lets gravity do most of the work. Seek the advice of your roofer about the ideal pitch for your roof.

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